Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rocky's favorite songs, pt. 1

Rocky loves music, and always knows exactly what she wants to hear to satisfy her aural cravings. I'm going to post the music videos to her favorite songs (in no specific order) once a day for a few days so that Rocky can share what she loves. It will also be nice to have all the videos in one place for the times that she needs to be kept busy doing something other than tormenting her sister.
This first video is by the male acapella group at the U of O called On The Rocks. Another of their videos for this same song went viral, and now has over seven million views. Consequently, they've been invited to be on a new acapella group TV show that starts in a few weeks, so you'll have to look for them. It's a cover of a song called Bad Romance (the original singer is Lady blah-blah, or Lady Gaga or something; apparently she's kind of famous). Rocky asks for this song by saying "I want romance", and really, how can you say no to that. After watching the video today, she said "I can't see romance, where's the romance daddy?"


becky rigby said...

I love it! Show the poor girl some romance Brands! I especially like at 3:25 when the guy in the top right’s suspenders pop up.

Cara Rigby said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to see Rocky and have her share some of her favorite songs with me....maybe she has some moves to share as well. That video is awesome, except I can't decide if that lead singer is pretending to be creepy or if he's probably creepy in real life. Can't wait to see you guys!