Saturday, October 3, 2009

So long sweet summer...

I'm sure that everyone else thought that summer ended a long time ago, but our classes at the U of O just started on Tuesday. So, we bid a fond farewell to a wicked-awesome summer by making a Spanish dinner starring pretty much the best summer food ever: Gazpacho. Gazpacho is a tomato-based soup that you eat cold; kind of like V8, but much better. We made it from a family recipe that our friend Pilar gave us when we stayed with her this summer in Barcelona. I know that this isn't a cooking blog, but gazpacho is so good (and healthy) that I would recommend it to everybody, so here's the recipe; first in Catalan (because it just sounds and looks cool), and then in English with some additional notes.
250 Grs. cogombres
100 Grs. pebrots verds
1 KG tomaquets
una ceba
2 Grans d'all
una tassa d'oli
1/2 tassa vinagre
una pastilla avecrem
1 litre i 1/2 d'aigua

es passa tot pel pimer i es serveix amb davets de tomaquet, pebrot, ceba, pa fregit, etc.

250 grams cucumber
100 grams green peppers
1 kilogram tomatoes
one onion
two cloves of garlic
one cup of olive oil
half cup of vinegar
one bouillon cube
1 and 1/2 liters of water
salt to taste

Chop everything up in a food processor (chop it very finely, but don't puree it), and serve chilled with garnishes of diced onions, peppers, tomatoes and croutons.
Here's some additional things that I learned when I made it:
-Don't worry too much about the metric measurements, you don't have to be very precise, just make sure the ratios of vegetables are similar to the recipe.
-I don't know if metric cups are a different size, but I think I put in way too much oil. You could probably put in a half cup of oil and it would be perfect. I would also add a little more vinegar than what it calls for.
-After making this recipe (it makes a ton and freezes well), you should allow the flavors to blend at least overnight.
I know it's not the ideal time for a refreshing, cold soup, but you'll have to let me know if you try out the gazpacho.

P.S. when you're just not feeling that good, there's nothing better than curling up with a good book and your snake.