Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In honor of the chairman

Rocky is getting really good at her animal sounds, but there's still a few issues to sort out. According to her, all cows and cats are inherently communist, because of instead of saying moo and meow respectively, they both say mao.
I'll post a video of the phenomenon when I get it on film.

Part II: I posted this earlier today, and I was planning on posting a video of Rocky performing animal sounds when I got home. Instead of the confused cat and cow sounds, I got Rocky's adaptation of "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands". She came up with the sound effects all on her own, and so then I changed the wording to go along with her interpretation.


Janet said...

Thanks for making my day. Oma

becky rigby said...

I love how she dances along with your singing!

Kathy says, "She is the cutest monster!"

Indee says, "I like how she growls after you say talk like a monster"

(I asked if Hayden wanted to comment and he said)

Hayden says, "I'm fine"

Matt said...

I've been working on getting Ginny to growl, too, so they can set each other off.

Oh, and also because I'm keeping up with the Rigbys.