Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rocky at the playground

Our apartment complex has a little playground in front of every building, and then a bigger one in the middle of all them all. The one-two combination of really nice weather and Rocky's dislike of being stuck in our small apartment means that we've been spending a lot of time at the various playgrounds. This first set of pictures is from a series that I like to call "Rocky-in-the-swing-looking-very-melancholic-but-really-she's-just-curious-because-she-loves-to-watch-the-other-kids-at-the-playground". They're from my blue period.

Rocky has not quite mastered walking on her own, but she's already moved on to bigger and better things. We tried to get her to at least use a harness and ropes, but she feels that they hamper her style too much.


If we could only teach her how to yodel while doing this, she would look exactly like that game on the Price is Right.


We're obviously still working with Rocky on pumping her legs at the right time on the swing.


On an unrelated/closing note, we only have one more week until the marathon (and I only have six days left before venturing into the scary, uncharted waters known as my thirties). This is officially my last audition call for any song suggestions for my race playlist (as well as any ideas for things that I have to do before I turn 30). I'm looking for nice, peppy songs that will put a spring in my step down the final stretch, but I won't rule out any suggestions, especially not if they're for Burt Bacharach. So let me know if you have any epiphanies.


Pam said...

I am impressed that she has the mad skills to walk up a slide. Cute post. As far as the music goes I love Colbie Calets (sp?) Bubbly song.

Sherrie said...

K, don't think I'm weird but I love "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera. Also, since Forrest Gump did all of that running, maybe check out that soundtrack.

Happy Birthday! 30 seems scary, but Tim seems to have lived through it ok.")

becky rigby said...

In the very first video it sounds like Rocky says yucky when she first slips. =)

I love how she "runs" in the swing.

Becky Henson said...

You were right...I could actually hear yodelling as she was climbing up the slide. Seriously, so cute as she was swinging and kicking her legs. Good luck on the marathon and on turning 30 - not sure which is better.

As for marathon songs, I like a mix of songs to keep me going like "We Will Rock You," by Queen, anything by Cake, classics like Don't Worry, Be Happy and some oldies like "Great Balls of Fire" or "Rock Around the Clock." Enjoy!

Michelle said...

Rocky is getting so big, cute pictures!

Ryan said...

When I ran a half last fall "Born to Run" (Springsteen) came on on my shuffle in the last half-mile. I felt ridiculously cheesey, but it actually helped, and I passed a couple dozen people in the last little bit.

Scott and Kourt said...

Rocky is beautiful! I love that she can climb the slide and has not mastered walking yet. We hope to see you soon. Love ya

AZ Reed's said...

Rocky is adorable. I can't believe our babies have turned one and just keep getting bigger and doing more.

Brooke and Ryan said...

Hey guys! I just ran across your blog. FUN! We just bought plane and football tickets so we are coming to Eugene for sure in September. It would be sweet if we could get together at all. Hope things are going well!