Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kazoo playing superhero elephants with comb-overs?

Caleb told me that I make a lot of lists when I'm talking. I've noticed ever since then that I do make lot of lists. I think that they're really helpful to delineate the different points in an argument. They're also great if you have a bunch of completely unrelated things that you want to talk about, such as:

A. Earlier this week was the anniversary of FDR's first inaugural address where he said "The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself". While the idea makes for a great quote, in the interest of self-preservation, I would add rampaging elephants to the list of things that we should fear.
B. I was talking to some of the other graduate students this week, and somehow we stumbled upon how you say comb-over in Spanish. I found out that in Bolivia they call the person "un prestamista", which basically means a lender, in the sense that one part of the head has to lend the other some of its hair. I thought that was pretty good, but I like the Spanish version even more. In Spain, they call it a "código de barras", meaning a bar-code. I love when a description is so vivid that it conjures an instant image in your mind.
C. If I ever start to go bald, and I need to shift some of the side sod over to cover the playing field on the top of my head, I have a plan. I'm going to grow the hair long on both sides, and then comb them both to the middle. They'll meet in the middle and form a comb-over mohawk. It's astounding to me that nobody has ever tried this before.
D. So everyone knows that Mozart was a musical prodigy, playing and composing at only three years old. But not even he was performing a concert-worthy solo on his instrument at nine months old.

Eat your heart out Wolfgang.

E. I just read on one of the forums on that in Mexico they call comb-overs Robin Hoods. As in robbing the rich to give to the poor.

F. Marci is at the temple today with the Young Women, so it's just me and Rachmaninoff hanging out. I'm really good at taking care of babies as can be seen in the pictures. Notice that the bib that is supposed to protect the said baby's clothes has on its own accord become a superhero's cape. Holy cute baby batman!


Adam and Cara Rigby said...

that has got to be the BEST kazoo playing ever...get her a contract. you are so funny...but i think you should add to your list of things to fear a CTR B bike gang.'ve seen the kind of work they do

Michelle said...

You crack me up! I love all your comb over definitions, ha ha! And I love the batman cape!

brad&sav said...

hey there!!! long time no see! how the heck are you! you are such a nut! you make me laugh... oh yeah, my four month old weighs more than your nine month old! can you freaking believe that??? she is dang cute! the double comb-mohawk is a FAB idea!

Becky Henson said...

I was a little skeptical about Rocky being compared to Rachmaninoff, but after viewing the video I am a believer in her ability. She is awesome. Thanks for the good laughs about comb-overs. My favorite is the Robin Hood one. :)

Cory said...

I got into the RMMLA too, it should be fun to see all the Weber State people there. What panel are you on? I am on one of the "Peninsular Spanish Literature" panels.

By the way, this is a great post.