Thursday, December 11, 2008

One down, fourteen more to go

As means of gaining closure to my first semester of grad school and teaching, I thought I would put up a few pictures of the University of Oregon. This is Gerlinger Hall where I taught last semester. Gerlinger has a lot of moss growing on it like anything good and established at the U of O. In fact, some of the best professors here are also covered in moss. My classroom is the room at the top left of the building in the first picture. It's a pretty typical looking classroom, except for the boarded up fireplace.
I'm pretty sure that someone was entombed alive behind the fireplace, and I'm pretty sure that I think that because I had to read the Cask of Amontillado in ninth grade. I was able to use the fireplace to my students advantage though. I told them that multiple studies have shown that students do better on exams when they feel more comfortable. In order to make it a more inviting atmosphere, I hung a Christmas stocking on the fireplace before they started the test.

I don't know what this video is from, but I showed it to my students at the beginning of the semester.


Caleb and Becky Rigby said...

I can't wait to see your school. Kathy says it is pretty awesome. I'll probably need to start a rumor that Prof. Rigby killed a man with his bare hands. =)

Chris Hepper said...

I was there when he did it. Quote me.

brad&sav said...

sounds very homey with the stocking hanging there.. you crack me up..

Scott and Kourt said...

Wow! We had no idea that you left Utah and that you had a little girl, I guess with Natty we just don't get any information. Congrats on everything. We are glad that you blog and that you have your siblings on your blog too. Now we can keep in contact and not have to worry about parents giving info.

Sherrie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun...Halloween is going to be awesome!
Hope you are all doing well. Rocky is SUPER cute!